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Pruning of penstamon

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Three years ago I obtained a mature penstamon ( dug out of a deceased relative's garden during house clearance). I simply transplanted it to a sunny spot in my garden during the autumn and have not touched it since. It is a mass of bright red colour from summer right through to late autumn, but it is now getting very leggy and I want to prune it to promote more sturdy growth. How hard should I prune and when is the best time?



Leave the pruning untill spring Ron.The old foliage acts as a winter protection and pruning it now will encourage new growth only for it to be killed by frosts.

12 Jan, 2009


It is always a good idea to take cuttings from Penstemon, as they do get woody and are not long-lived plants. In mid-summer, take non-flowering healthy shoots and put them in a pot of water. They will root very easily and you can then pot them up and keep them until the following spring when they will be ready to harden off and plant out.

12 Jan, 2009


I'll prune mine back in march. any good top growth will strike as cuttings. i do this every year and sell any spare plants for my local hospice. I also give them to friends if thye ask what it is.
they are lovely plants arnt they?

13 Feb, 2009


Yes - I agree!

13 Feb, 2009

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