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how do I transplant my ponsettas? Are they hard to keep growing? Thanks Ann M


By Annem

United States Us

I bought them for Christmas and want them to keep growing. What is the best potting soil and how often do you water them?



It's not easy - but if you really want to, wait until the leaves fall then cut the stems back to about 4". Keep the compost almost dry until May then repot and start watering again.When new shoots appear, start to feed the plant. From September, they have to have at least 14 hours of darkness to force them into flowering.

Good luck with them! To be quite honest, I think it's easier in the long run to start again with new plants for next Christmas, but it's up to you, Anne.

12 Jan, 2009


Big challenge, I would take Spritz advice ,you will spend a lot of time and effort and 9 times out of 10 they will not live. Buy fresh ones next year.

12 Jan, 2009


I bought one in Asda for about £2 a week or so before Christmas and it's still going well today. I've not had much luck in past years with them and usually by New Year's Eve all the leaves have fallen. It's on the little side table right where I'm sitting now, it's not in a draft and not in direct sun or heat from radiators. I've watered it a little every Sunday and not really given it any other special treatment. (I've just realised the Christmas ribbon I decorated the pot with is still wrapped around it! Looking at it now, I still have 5 'flowers' and about 20 + green leaves. For £2 it's been much better value for money than a bunch of cut flowers and lasted really well, my £2 investment has bought weeks of pleasure. I agree with Spritz and Wyeboy, it's alot of hard work for none-guaranteed results. I'd rather save the effort and let the professional growers offer me a healthy plant (and at a bargain price)!

12 Jan, 2009

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