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Toddler safe plants


By Marion

I work at a community centre, which has a nursery for chuildren under 5. The team would like to have some plants to make their garden area nicer, but the plants must be both toddler resistant and 'child safe' in that they mustn't cut, scratch, skewer or poison the children. It's in the South London area. What plants would anyone suggest? And where can I check that the plants are not poisonous? many thanks in advance



Have a look at these sites Marion. They are not comprehensive by any means but might be a good starting place -

As the mother of 4 kids (2 of whom are still under 5) the best defence in the garden is to watch them like a hawk and drum into them that no touching is allowed! I assume the toddlers would not be left alone unsupervised in this area but I know that with a large group it is unrealistic to think you could stop them all.
I used things like Stachys, Camomile, Parsley, Thyme, Lavender to let the kids explore 'safe' plants.
Good luck

17 Mar, 2008


How about plants that are actually edible (without telling your toddlers, naturally) like Nasturtiums and Calendula. Then if they did stuff a flower in their mouths, they'd be safe, wouldn't they! These are annuals and grow fast, also bright and cheerful..

17 Mar, 2008


I was thinking along the same lines as spritz but thought of fruit - strawberries, apples (on dwarf roting stock), thornless blackberries and veg - peas, leeks, runner beans. Also herbs like lavender, rosemary, curry plant would teach them about smells too (my neighbours' grandchildren enjoyed visiting my garden to see my 'smelly plants')

17 Mar, 2008


Hi Marion, i have a 2 1/2 year old and we have just started off a veggi patch and flower bed by her play house, i am very careful with what i put in the garden anyway. but the things i have chosen for her to grow are easy, safe and fun! Sunflowers, radishes, carrots, peas, and spring onion, also was thinking of some stripy tomatoes too should be a bit fun, and also incorrage her to eat more veg! lol we have been out there today doing bits and pieces and she loves digging the worms up and taking them for a ride on the back of her trike ect! it's great to get them involved at this age! - i live in Essex by the way so anything i grow you should also get away with just a few miles down the road! - good luck!

17 Mar, 2008


Hello Marion this might be a bit late for you but I have also designed a sensory garden and am putting it together for children aged 4 and up and I think this website will hold all the information you need about plants not to use with children as it is the most up to date list produced by Guys and st Thomas' toxiology department. I hope this will help you choose plants safe for the children you work with. Happy reading!
Beeky (new member today!)

9 Aug, 2009


My children's school are planting lavender bushes in their playground. I thought these bushes were a target for bees. Should I be concerned?

19 Apr, 2012

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