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By Gaia01

Midlothian, Scotland, United Kingdom Gb

I've seen a clematis recently with lots of quite small,very very, dark purple flowers. Does anyone have an idea which one it might be...I don't have a photo because it's growing right outside someones living room window and I don't want to get arrested!!!!



Possibly C alpina...

10 Jul, 2011


Have you thought about knocking on the door too ask? I knocked on a neighbour's door 2 weeks ago to ask about a plant. They were very friendly and offered to give me a cutting when the time is right. :)

10 Jul, 2011


there are quite a few, such as alpina 'Frances Rivis', Macropetala blue bird or Pauline, or Maidwell hall, and C Roguchi,

10 Jul, 2011


How small is your small? I have a tiny Clematis × aromatica, which is a Integrifolia group also a 'Etoile Violette' which is a Viticella group out at the moment the Etoile is smaller than the Jackmanii type and has masses of flowers.
This site might help in your search

11 Jul, 2011


That's it..."Etoile Violette"..Dancing Star...Great Website recommendation Jen - thanks. Also like the look of Polish Spirit. So many beautiful Clematis.Thanks all

12 Jul, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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