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can anyone identify this plant please?

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Gb

This is a plant I noticed in the Botanics in Ventnor the other day and it didn't have a label. It smelled of a citrus/pine and is evergreen. The picture is a close up, but the far away picture is on my blog Ventnor Botanics - frost damage written on the 11th Jan




Looks like Callistemon citrinus, I have one on the front of my house. Bottle Brush. lovely bright red fliowers in summer if it likes you. Mine flowered well 2007. only 1 flower 2008 but several feet of foliage.

12 Jan, 2009


Thanks, I wasn't sure if it was a Callistemon, but they do look very different depending on the variety, thanks Poaannua

12 Jan, 2009


I've been growing callistemon linearis since 1996 and it is perfectly hardy here although it did suffer a bit in its first winter. Last March, I added callistemon viridiflorus beside a west-facing fence in very well-drained soil and it doesn't seem to have suffered at all in the cold winter weather so far

12 Jan, 2009

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