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I planted Salvia Hot Lips last year that I purchased from a nursery. I cut it back around Feb fairly hard. It has grown so much and has loads of flowers, it is beautiful. My question is, when do I prune and how?



generally after flowering so that it puts on a bit of growth before winter - but you seem to have done all right so far! I usually take them back about a third of the years growth. try not to go back into old wood.

10 Jul, 2011


Take a few cuttings from it. They are really easy (it will even root in a jar of water!) .Then you will have lots. If it gets a bit leggy, trim it back and after a couple of weeks it will be flowering again. After winter, trim it back to about 4 inches (use the bits as cuttings again) and repot and feed, or just feed if it's in the ground. Now buy some other colours! They are addictive!

10 Jul, 2011


It really is to tall and wide now I would like to trim ??????
Should I?

7 Aug, 2011


OK, cut it back by about half and it will be fine. Don't forget to do the prunings as cuttings!

7 Aug, 2011


Thank You.
Will try it.

11 Aug, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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