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A friend has just bought me a Bloodgood Acer in a pot and I have had it now for a week. During this time all the top leaves have withered and died. I live in Yorkshire and the weather over this week has been alternating between a lot of rain and a hot sun. I have had it in a sunny position, could it be anything to do with either it being in full sun or due to all the rain and being too wet. I don't want it to die so need help!



Most likely sunburn. All varieties of Japanese Maple, including 'Bloodgood', prefer to be in dappled shade, and the topmost leaves can get an ultraviolet sunburn--just like us--or the leaf surface can overheat and dry out, if it gets too much sun. Winds and dry compost can multiply this problem.

9 Jul, 2011


Actually, I doubt that the heat itself would be much of a barrier in France. We even grow them as bonsai here in the low desert of Arizona, with summer highs in excess of 41º C. Of course, we keep them in filtered shade, and they are considered a subject for expert bonsai enthusiasts, but even southern France is downright cool compared to us.

10 Jul, 2011


Wind, they won't tolerate wind and direct sun - they don't like that either, preferring dappled shade.
The leaves will frazzle and then die right back on the stem.
Being potted means that the entire rootball needs a lot of water, i doubt that the plant's too wet.
When you planted it ..... did you tease the roots away from the rootball slightly .... this helps the roots of any plant to settle in better.

10 Jul, 2011

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