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because I am not mobile at the moment and my lovely gardener has died, my small insignificant but sweet smelling geraniums kept in the lean to green house have been frozen solid, so I cut tips off anf put them in a pot in the kitchen Will this work?


By Lucie

United Kingdom Gb

My small smelly geraniums are important to me, and I have not seen the like in garden centers or on line gardening things. Gosh, if your gardener dies, and you love your garden, and you work full time though not when you need a new hip, what can one do? I have books. But I am panicking.



hi Lucie, mine have all frozen too, i think some will be lost come spring, but i am hopeful that i will not loose all of them, and i have cuttings of them all in the porch just incase. you say that you have cut off the tips, is this because they have rotted? if so i would actually cut back to the next leaf joint or knode, that is healthy, even if this is near the base of the plant. otherwise they will just continue to rot down the stem, and go brown and crispy. but bringing them in is definately the best course of action, just be careful with over watering and keep them well away from central heating, they need to be in a bright well ventialted area. and actually prefer to be a bit on the cold side, as long as not below freezing and not frost. you do have the chance of saving them, but no guanetees i'm affraid. good luck hope you managed to save them.

11 Jan, 2009

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