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I have just asked this question but can't find any record of it so will ask again! I have a shrub in my new garden with pink flowers and then white berries on it. It sends out runners and seems to have taken over the boarder.What is it and how can i manage it?



Your other question is there, its a couple down from this one. Could by Symphoricarpos? Otherwise a photo would be useful.

9 Jul, 2011


at a guess I'd say 'snow berry' cant remember the botanical name.

9 Jul, 2011


We moved to a house with this in the front garden and decided the best way to "manage" it would be to dig it all out. It took ages and we discovered a path to the back door of the garage that had been completely hidden! It can be a real thug and I would get rid if it were mine.

11 Jul, 2011

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