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My sweet peas have reached the top of the cane wigwam that I've been growing them up. What should I do with them now?



When grown up canes in a row, you do whats known as layering, which involves untying the peas, laying them horizontally along the row, and training them up a cane about 5 foot away. Nice and easy.
With a wigwam, it's more difficult. The peas are usually tangled with tendrils, but if you can untangle everything and lay them flat on the floor, you can wind them around the wigwam base and after winding, tie them up a cane so that about 12" of the plant is growing up a cane. That is repeated with every plant. They then grow up the canes as before.

9 Jul, 2011


If you dont wind them as they grow (I dont) I would not try now you will end up with a lots of bent/broken stems. I just nip the top out of mine and again when they reach the top makes them bushier lower down. Dont forget only to water from the base helps to reduce the possibility of mildew.

9 Jul, 2011

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