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Which plants flowers on October?


By Lybrane

Bucks., United Kingdom Gb

I would like to grow some plants that flower's on October to save me buying these for my daughter's wedding. I would like to start planting them now Oct.2010. Could anyone help me with this ,please.
Thank you in advance.



Hi Lybrane, welcome to GOY, we seem to have had a lot of questions on growing wedding flower recently...won't be long before us florists are out of business lol - just joking, i am sure your daughter will be thrilled that you are going to such lengths, the most obvious one i would say is Chrysanthemums, you will find some of them still flowering at the begining of October, and proberly Roses, Mine have been in flower this year right up until December.....but i would say there is no guarnetee, and to be honest not always at there best this time of year if we get early frosts it could all be for nothing, October is a bit of an iffy time for this but i would say stick with things that are in season, and if you have others that are still hanging on in there and looking good then add them in, but i would'nt rely on them. Nerines and Dahlia are usually about, and hold up well in bridal work, agapanthus is a possiblity, some varieties of Aster are at there best at this time of year, and i have some autumn flowering Anemone, but not all types would hold up in a BQ for very long......

but in my opinoin your best options would be real autumn stuff, there are some flowers about at this time of year, a few of which i have mentioned but i would aim for some of the interesting seed pods, autumn coloured leaves and berries, not to mention ornimental grasses. you can make some fantasic bridal arrangements and BQ's with what will be about in the garden, without too much effort, or risk factor. Miscanthus, Echinacea - if the pettals are on the way out the seed heads are fantastic, Hypericum (berry), Eryngium thisstle, Crocrosmia berry, Opium Poppy seed heads. are just a few off the top of my head, i have made some fantsic arrangemens and BQ's this time of year with very few flowers.

hope this helps, Angie x

10 Jan, 2009


Thanks so much Angie. I am going to study each of this plants now and hope it will be suitable to plant in my garden. I will stop growing veges this year to make space for flowering plants in my garden.

Do you know a good place where I can get the plants with reasonable prices?

Again, Thank you very much. Your suggestions has certainly helped a lot.

by the way, what does GOY mean?

10 Jan, 2009


Grows On You!! Welcome!

10 Jan, 2009


Welcome Lybrane. My daughter got married in an October some years ago and had an "autumnal theme" at her wedding with a BQ of yellow roses and russet-coloured chrysanths with sprays of dried leaves and spikes of wheat. The name tags on the tables were tucked into pine cones, collected by yours truly during drives to and from work, and her cream coloured three-tier wedding cake was off-set to one side creating a "step" effect and decorated with yellow roses, russet chrysanth heads and more wheat and barley heads draping down the "steps." A band of helpers made the buttonholes with small yellow roses and more wheat ears. It all looked wonderful and was much commented upon. Good luck and hope the wedding goes well.

11 Jan, 2009


sounds wonderful Nariz, when ever we get an autumn bride come into the shop, we do always try to persuide her to go with the theme of the season, i just has so much scope, and can look absolutely stunning, i have done BQ's before that had NO flowers at this time of year, and to be honest amonst the most stunning and commented on that i have ever made. and your welcome Lybrane GOY is for Grows On You, this fab web site that you have found! lol and yes there are loads of on-line supliers, you could try ebay, or jparkers, also worth looking on the shops tab of this site, you can tap in what you want and a list of supliers will come up. most of what i have saggested are not hard to find, and availble during early spring, i would'nt do any planting just yet, - far too cold, wait a month or two. hope this helps.

11 Jan, 2009


Hi Lybrane - if you go to my home page, click on photos and then select the tag October, you will see what I had in flower here last autumn. Many of the September flowers were still going strong too so check the tab September as well.
Hope it gives you some ideas

11 Jan, 2009


hello again, Lybrane, i just read the question again, and just a quick question, do you want these plants as plants for the wedding or will you be using them as cut flowers, in arrangements and bridal BQ's? only reason i am asking is because, if it is to use as plants, then this really opens up the scope quite a lot, and yes do go look at Andrew's page he has some wonderful things and really knows his stuff, but if it is cut flowers you want, you need to check if they hold up for this sort of work before you do this, as not all flowers will last out of water, or in an oasis arrangement ...but between Andrew and I, i am sure we can help you either way.

11 Jan, 2009


Hi Angie, It is very kind of you to offer me some help re: flower selections. I intend to plant some in urns or planters and also make the table centrepieces(10) and the main table flower arrangement using oasis.Plus the bouquets. This might be a big job and I might not be able to produce all the flowers needed but I will have to buy the flowers to add up,like carnations ,gerberas. I am looking for yellow or orange rain resistant october roses to plant come March. But not sure if these will be flowering abundantly within 2 years. What do you reckon?How many bare rooted plants do you think I should buy?
Nariz idea is also a good one. I saw a nice grass in Andrews collection which I might consider, planting too.
Whew!! I think I am beginning to dread this now.LOL. I have an artistic ability but I need to be organized to tackle this job.
I will be really, really grateful with whatever sugestion you can give me.
Thanks so much.

12 Jan, 2009


hi Lybrane, you are very brave taking this on, are you doing all the flowers by yourself? also have you ever done anything like this before, you do realise how big a job this could be? without growing everything yourself, i don't mean to put a dampner on any of this for you, but just orgainsing and arranging what you have listed here is a big job for an experienced florist on her own, normally a wedding order of this size would be done by 2 or 3 florists and would take most of the day. this all has to be done the day/night before the big day, it really is a lot to take on by yourself. How many bridesmaids have you got? what type of BQ's are they having? any flowers in the hair, corsages, button holes ect... when you first asked this question i thought you were talking just about your daughters flowers, i did'nt realise you ment the whole lot. i really don't want to sound peseremistic, but i would really strongly advise that you pass on some of this work unless you already have loads of expereince with this sort of stuff and a couple of others that know what they are doing and can help out. otherwise i really think you'll be biting off more than you will be able to chew...sorry. if i were you i would have a chat with the local florist, and see if they can work with you and maybe take some off this off your hands, so that you can concerntrate on the main peices brides BQ etc. i would let the florist do the table decs and top table arrangements button holes etc, you will then be able to focus on the most important peices, and spend your time on them to get them right. trust me on this one! x

13 Jan, 2009


michaelmas daisies/asters have smaller daisy type flowers in a range of colours from white through pinks/mauves and blues. for me a nicer smell than chrysanths.
a more sturdy plant that gives a lily like bloom is nerines from a bulb. schizostlus coccenea produces lovely pink flower spikes.

dont forget foliage from a range of shrubs eunonomus, laurel etc.
hope the sun shines for the bride.

13 Feb, 2009

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