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Clematis tangutica - is it ok to let established clematis montana tangle with it?

Bristol, United Kingdom

Clematis tangutica(newly planted) - is it ok to let established clematis montana tangle with it?!..or will the vigorous montana 'strangle' my new plant?



Tangutica is vigorous when it gets going, though not as much so as montana. It should be OK if you just watch it while its still small.

7 Jul, 2011


thanx stera - I am watching it (tangutica) cos it's growing so fast! propped a supporting frame against the fence sunday - it's got its hooks in before I got round to securing it!! (and it's only thursday!)...
I did want a fast-grower tho, can't complain!
oh, yeah, and it has flowerbuds already!! :-)

7 Jul, 2011


If they both need pruning at the same time, then it should be OK. But to plant two clematis with different pruning times could make it tricky when trying to prune.

Don't think Montana should be pruned to hard, just a tidy up.

Theres nice article on Clematis in this weeks "Amateur Gardening"

8 Jul, 2011


thanx grannyb, will check that article out :-)

8 Jul, 2011


I have never pruned tangutica - it would be fine to grow them together but I hope you have plenty of room for them!

11 Jul, 2011


cheers stera...lots of room cos of recent demise of very old philadelphus (garden bloke broke his spade removing root - oops!!)..and I love a challenge!!
altho they are planted close to each other, the montana has been trained over a low wall, tangutica has a newly planted 'climbing frame' the other side of said wall...
will have to watch closely - tangutica has an open flower today!! :-)

14 Jul, 2011

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