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When and how do I take cuttings of Penstemons?



You need non flowering tips from the plant and you can take them at any time during the growing season. Cut the tips about 3 - 4 inches long and take off the bottom two sets of leaves. Use hormone rooting powder and put the cuttings in a 50/50 mixture of pearlite and compost. I just used John Innes and it worked very well - all the cuttings took. Keep them free of frost over winter and plant out next year.

7 Jul, 2011



8 Jul, 2011


you can also do them in a roll, take a length of polythene about 15" long & 9" wide, put some damp moss down half of the width for the whole length, take your cuttings as above, spacing them about 1 per inch, fold over the other half and roll up, put 2 elastic bands, 1 at the top & 1 at the bottom to keep it rolled, and keep moist, out of direct sunshine & stood upright, they should be rooted in 4-6 weeks, by this method you can do hundreds of cuttings in a very small space. good luck.

9 Jul, 2011



10 Jul, 2011

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