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Garden Shredder ???????//////


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

As im growing More Shrubs ,Trees ect im thinking of investing in a Garden Shredder to make my own Bark & Ride of Cuttings taking From Buddejas,ect ,Does any member have some good advice on the Machine Engine size for this Job & which would be Good Value4money?



Hi Jacque. I'll check what size motor ours has, what make it is and what we paid for it - I'll get back to you tomorrow. What's the maximum size of wood you were thinking of shredding as this will determine the price etc.

9 Jan, 2009


Thatd be a great help Thanx the Base of Index Finger size should do the Trick Dawn :) as i dont want the Shrubs 2 get to over grown :)

9 Jan, 2009


Just watch those fingers, Jacque! LOL.

Actually, it would be NO laughing matter, would it!

9 Jan, 2009


I am sure you will find a shredder invaluable, Jacque. Two years ago I bought two on Ebay (inadvertently I might add, but I am happy because it has meant that I haven't had to trundle one up and down the road between Paul's garden and mine, they each have their own.Lol)
It may be worth your while having a look to see if anyone is selling one in your area.
The only drawback I have experienced is the noise they make, My JCB is quite noisy so I try to use it in short bursts when only the children are out in neighbours' gardens playing. I haven't had any complaints yet!

10 Jan, 2009


Ok. We have two shredders because they do some things differently. If all you intend shredding is woody material then the Bosch one which has an archimedes type cutter is the best. If you intend to do softer material them you need one with a rotary cutting blade.
The first one is the Bosch AXT 2000 XP. They are the only company which make one like this. Reasonably quiet, powerful and works well. Our woodland path is made from chippings from this. Other companies do ones which cut differently, but when we looked at them the chippings they produced were too big to use as mulch etc.
Almost every machine company porduces a rotary cutting type machine of much the same quality.
This is the best site for all garden machinery reviews.
One last point, buy the one with the most powerful motor that you can find and afford.

10 Jan, 2009


I have an electric JCB one. It's best for twigs up to thumb thickness. Leafy stuff is not so easy to do as the leaves clog it up. Works well though.

11 Jan, 2009


After reading up on which was the best shredder my neighbour bought a Bosch AXT 2200 HP and a few of us helped him give a haircut to a large cherry tree. We were all impressed by it . It was quiet , easy to use and easy to collect the shreddings.
One of the helpers already had a shredder but hated using it because it jammed all the time and was so noisy. So she went out and bought the same Bosch shredder and has been delighted with it too.
I believe the HP letters at the end are important because there are others similar but this is the one they recommend.

11 Jan, 2009


Wow so many of u know so much about Shredders , Im glad iv asked for advice on Here its helped me lots.Thanks Every1 your Brill x

11 Jan, 2009


hi jacque, bought a cheapo one from b&q 1200w but does jam sometimes.i suppose it depends on how much stuff u r going to shred throughtout the year, and how rich u r!!
good hunting in the jan sales...........steve

11 Jan, 2009

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