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I have grown chilli peppers from seed and suddenly they have wilted. They have been indoors and until yesterday were strong and healthy




Never water after 4 they say put them to bed dry is it cold where you have this. Perhaps this info will help you

6 Jul, 2011


Also it is unlikely you will be able to grow them well in a house... not enough natural light.

6 Jul, 2011


Spray with anti-fungal.Soil should not be soggy.
Check under leaves for green fly infestation. If so take appropriate steps.Daljit Dodd

7 Jul, 2011


Peppers can be grown on window sill.No such thing as water them before 4.
Daljit Dodd.

7 Jul, 2011


Daljitdodd you had better write up to Monty Dom then on BBC and tell him that.

7 Jul, 2011


Yes I also heard that they like to go to bed dry and was wondering who said it.

7 Jul, 2011


Now you know Cammomile they were Monty's exact words they like to go to bed dry.

7 Jul, 2011

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