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Plant IDs please.

I have a couple more plants I have photos of that I'm not sure what they are. Any ID suggestions greatly appreciated. The first plant is planted in full shade, started out as a tiny little thing several years ago and seems to have reached quite monstrous proportions. I have a feeling this is the same plant my dad and his friend gave a 'haircut' (they scalped it) around 18 years ago, but I'm not certain. I think it gets yellow flowers, but not sure when (or if I dreamed the flower).

The second plant was given to my mom by my nan about 3 months ago. It sat in its pot on the kitchen windowsill for ages, until it got covered in spider mite at which point it migrated to the deck, which is where it sat. I'm sure my nan said what it was but I can't remember for the life of me. Couldn't even say if it has ever flowered (most plants seem to give up and refuse to flower when my mom gets her hands on them).

The final plant which is has a fair amount of grass mixed in with it, is planted in a pot in pretty much full sun. Pretty sure its a creeper of some sort, but not sure what. If I remember rightly gets small purple flowers, but not sure when.

Fingers crossed the weather stays dry for Friday, I have the day off and plan to attack the garden. Clear out the pots and get rid of the dead lavateria and other weeds that have popped up. Just got to decide whether or not to dig out the two very straggly heathers. Don't think I can prune them back, they are pretty leggy, no green towards the base at all. Ho hum, can't wait to start planting things :D

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The first one looks like a Forsythia - that should be pruned after it flowers - it should, in the spring, but maybe it's just in too much shade if it hasn't flowered?

The third one is a Vinca minor. That spreads like crazy, and can be invasive so watch where you plant it. It will grow in shade - which is where it's a useful plant.

Sorry I can't even guess at no. 2.

Good luck with your gardening. :-)

5 Jul, 2011


I think number two is a Skimmia.

5 Jul, 2011


And the forsythia will get much much bigger than that.

5 Jul, 2011


I think you're right, Cinders. I was thinking of houseplants! Duh!

6 Jul, 2011


Ahh forsythia, I remember now. Yellow flowers I have a vague memory of those. Lol around the time most plants in our garden were flowering I had my nose buried in notes revising. Don't think I noticed much for about a month or so. Think that could be getting a good "haircut" in the not too distant future.

Skimmia, that sounds about right, not sure what variety have to wait till it flowers. From the looks of it they prefer acidic soil in shade or semi shade. Do you think it would be happy in full shade by the huge orange blossom?

Vinca Minor, looks like you've hit the nail on the head. Its in a pot at the moment (been there ages) and doesn't seem to have spread around the garden. May just leave it there if I can get all the grassey bits out. Have to see how it goes.

Thanks everyone.

6 Jul, 2011


Forsythias like being pruned just after they've flowered. It's too late now, as you'll chop next year's flowers off!

Skimmias will grow in shade, no probs. I have neutral soil and they're fine in that, although some books will tell you they thrive in more acid-y soil.

You do need to get the grass out before you plant the vinca in the garden. I wonder which one it is?

7 Jul, 2011


Ho hum guess it'll have to wait till next spring then (thanks for the tip). I do remember a couple of flowerless years when my dad got his hands on it. Since then he hasn't been allowed to prune anything lol.

Great thanks I'll probaby try the skimmia in the shade border then. Not sure what soil type we have but I'm thinking probably neutral/acidic (considering the plants we have). Was going to get a test kit on my way back from work but never made it. If I don't get chance tomorrow I have Monday/Tuesday off (yay) so plan to spend lots of time in the garden (praying for dry weather). Playing in my OHs garden this weekend if the weather co-operates. Gonna be hard work, its a mess (anyone want any mares tail lol).

I'll keep my eye out for flowers on the vinca and will post photos when/if it does. Not certain what to do with it just yet, will have to have a think. Although it may be good as ground cover round the orange blossom. But yeah grass must go first.

7 Jul, 2011


Good luck with the weather - it's been dreadful here today, with more of the same forecast for tomorrow. It's looking better for Sunday onwards! :-)

7 Jul, 2011


No good with the weather :( it was supposed to rain this morning then brighten up according to the met office. Yeah right, more like rain all day with the occasional patch of sun (sometimes at the same time as the rain). Oh well if ther weathers any good this weekend I'll work in my OHs garden, see if I can actually find the path lol. Fingers crossed for good weather monday and tuesday, I can go in our garden then. Hope the forecast you saw is right Spritz.

8 Jul, 2011


So do I - today wasn't too good! :-(

8 Jul, 2011

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