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why no options

devon, United Kingdom Gb

ehy , when uploading pics is there a drop down option to link, but only has, not a picture of anything in my garden.



Hi Ff - maybe that's because you haven't added any plants to the 'my garden' section on your page!!! If you did, they come up in alphabetical order in the drop-down link you have seen. Then the new photos go both into the 'my garden' section and into the 'photos' section too.

Give it a try - you'll see what I mean. Or go to my page and have a look at what I've done. I use that section as a catalogue of what I grow!

8 Jan, 2009


Hi Ff, - i had this problem too when first started out, i remeber asking the very same question, just follow Spritz's advice and you'll get there. also another little tip, once you have added all your plants, and attached the pictures you already have loaded on GOY, for future pictures you may take, i find it easier to load pictures directly onto the plant once you have your plant list started, you can click on the plant and you get the option to upload a picture, and you can load as many as you like, (only 3 at one time though, same as normal) and it will automatically attatch to the plant for you, you also still get the option to add info to the picture, and it will still appear in your photo page. it's quicker and easier than loading the picture and then attatching it to the plant, don't want to confuse you or anything lol - try both ways see which you like best.

8 Jan, 2009


Good advice from both of you.
now any ideas as to how to break the Goy addiction,lol

8 Jan, 2009



8 Jan, 2009


still working on that one lol

8 Jan, 2009

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