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hi ther,have been growing a chilli plant and bell pepper plant in my greenhouse they are about 12 inches tall but just noticed a black streaking colour on the joins of the stems .the bell pepper still looks fine but the chilli plant seems to be drooping even though it is still flowering,does anybodyknow what this is ,,thanks




Any chance of a picture, Davy? Black marks at the stem joints are normal for some peppers, though they some times indicate too cold temperatures if they are too pronounced.

6 Jul, 2011


Hmm. It is pretty pronounced. I don'tknow what your weather is like now, but chili peppers are a little less tolerant of chilly temperatures (<16ยบ C) than the bell peppers. It may also be a sign of phosphate deficiency, but the picture doesn't show any of the other symptoms. If the drooping of the flower is your main concern, I wouldn't worry: Chili flower stems are usually more sharply bent than bell peppers' are.

8 Jul, 2011

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