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I have a sycamore tree in my garden which has some horrible growths on it, plus tiny flies which live under the leaves. I have attached a picture of each. Do you have any advice about how I can cure this with the minimum of expense please? I would hate to have to cut down the tree.


Img_1236 Img_1237 Img_1239



The "growths" look like some kind of bug and the flies are either black or greenfly. If there aren't too many bugs on the trunk, and you can reach them, you could use some kind of insect control.

5 Jul, 2011


The stuff on the trunk is scale insect - wash off with soap and water (use a mild soap) or if you have any methylated spirits, dampen a cloth with that and rub it over the offending beasties. Use a disposable cloth, makes a revolting mess on it and you may need more than one...

6 Jul, 2011

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