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pruning tecomaria capensis


By Bishop1

United States Us

now that the cold conditions have killed the foliage is it time to prune ,if so how hard can they be cut back.

On plant Tecomaria capensis



Not knowing much about this plant, I don't know if it flowers on new or old growth. You do need to check this out before pruning because doing it at the wrong time will affect flowering.

I never prune anything with a frost on it or if one is likely.With this plant coming from a warmer country, that could be even more important to think about.
Sorry I can't be of more help.

8 Jan, 2009


From: Witwatersrand National Botanical Garden

To keep this shrub clean and tidy, it must be pruned back in late winter to promote new growth and flowers. The application of a balanced fertilizer after pruning will enhance the growth and flowering

8 Jan, 2009


I wouldn't call it 'late winter' yet, would you? Better to be safe than sorry. Leave it until YOUR 'late winter'.

8 Jan, 2009

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