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By Tina2

Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I have just tried twice to download one of my photos from Photo Bucket of some Red Deer Hinds etc that I took photos of over the Christmas break and after the machine taking ages to down load the first photo I have had a Red message come up to tell me that my photos are too large.

I have not altered anythingin PB and have never had a problem before when I did all my others.

Has anything changed or is it me just having a blonde moment.?

I will have to have another go another time,but would appreciate some help.Thanks in advance...



Can't give any advice, but would say that I also tried to send photos yesterday without success. However I should add that I am seriously challenged with anything to do with downloading, or computers generally. Having said that, it has worked previously and I am seriously brunette!

7 Jan, 2009


If you are still having problems Tina, I suggest you use the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page to talk to Peter and Ajay who run this site

7 Jan, 2009


Thanks for your answers.I have just sent a message through the Contact Us link at the bottom so hopefully I will find out where I am going wrong and will be able to show you all my photos...

7 Jan, 2009


The same has happened to me a few times Tina, I just try again later on and usually it works, my pics come from my computer tho not PB...I had a bit of trouble using PB 2 nights ago trying to download onto another Gardening forum im on, so maybe its PB not GOY... Dee..

8 Jan, 2009


Hi Dee, thanks for your advice.I have managed to upload one photo using the multipal bit but the other two photos have been rejected again by the machine saying that the sizes of the photos are too large but I can't understand it as all the photos are exactly the same from the same camera.Nothing is different....

I will have to try again next week when I am back properly and have caught up on everything associated with going away for Xmas.Shame really as I have some cracking photos to show everyone...

By the way did you get your new camera for Xmas?...

8 Jan, 2009


Shame about that Tina2, Its annoying, especially when the photos are exactly the same size, Frustrating is one word for it hehe :)) yeah i got my camera, its Fantastic, just waiting for some flowers in my garden, Thanks for asking... Dee.;
PS just had a thought, if you have zoomed in on your pics, something to do with the pixels being larger, that has happened to me once or twice...

9 Jan, 2009


Hi Tina no technical expert but encountered the same problem . The maximum downloadable size for a pic is 3MB .When you place your cursor over the pic it tells you the size of memory used.

Like you I ve taken a series of photos and suddenly for some reason the camera decides that certain pics require a huge amount of memory.If more than 3MB showing dont try to send to goy as you ll always get that red alert message.

There is a way of compressing picture files on your computer to reduce memory capicity but this too technical for me.I crop pictures move to the next as its saved , then return to check wether this has reduced the memory size.

It generally works just by removing a little of the original pic.

9 Jan, 2009

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