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I bought this plant at a car boot sale and am unable to identify it. Neither have I seen it in any nursery. It has tiny leaves on brittle woody branches. The flowers start as red 'dots' and open to a pink colour covering the entire bush. It likes the hottest and driest place in the garden. The stems are easily broken but will root just as they lie on the soil. Has been perfectly hardy in S England. Two photos show it in flower as a small bush against the wall and a broken off sprig. Anyone have any ideas?

Img_1890 Img_1892



I have one of these - I think it's a crassula. I got mine on Freecycle & the lady who gave it away didn't know what it was.

4 Jul, 2011


OK, Google tells me it's Crassula sarcocaulis. Any experts want to correct that or is it right?

4 Jul, 2011


Don't know, but I want one!!

4 Jul, 2011


It's available from Burncoose, and they do mail order.

4 Jul, 2011


Thank you so much Beattie, it does look like Crassula Sarcocaulis. It is much admired in my garden and I am always asked for the name.

5 Jul, 2011

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