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By Shedman

Notts, United Kingdom Gb

I have recently dug out a row of conifers, replaced them with a fence and I now want to plant a variety of shrubs along the length of the fence to hide it. The fence itself runs north north west and is on the north side of my house. My side of it faces east. The photos were taken a 5 oclock in the afternoon in early July. The soil is heavy clay.

I have no idea what sorts of shrubs to plant so if anybody has any suggestions or references I would be extremely grateful.

Dsc02230 Dsc02231



I'm having trouble in keeping the list short - the world's your oyster there really, though it would be very useful to know what part of the UK you're in from a hardiness point of view. Here's a list for starters anyway: Berberis darwinii, Berberis thunbergii, Physocarpus Lady in Red, Brachyglottis, Euonymus pictata, Euonymus Silver Queen, Cotoneaster franchetii or 'Cornubia', Choisya ternata 'Sundance', cranesbill type Geraniums for ground cover, along with Lamium maculatum, ajuga reptans, campanula muralis. Also Skimmia and Pieris, both evergreen shrubs, not groundcover, but both require non alkaline soil conditions.

4 Jul, 2011


Thanks for that. I'll take my time to work through them but at least I know where to start.

For info I live in the Vale of Belvoir which is just south east of Nottingham.


5 Jul, 2011


All the plants mentioned above are fully hardy even in your part of the country.

6 Jul, 2011


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20 Mar, 2012


What does 'check answer' mean, Shedman?

20 Mar, 2012


Hi Bamboo

As I don't use the website very much I was just trying out what happens when you reply using the add comment function - the words "check answer" are simply the words I chose so that i could trace what happened. I did not realise that anybody would pick it up as I had asked my original question some time ago, and I am more than a bit embarrassed that it appears directly below your replies and appears to question the answers you gave - which was not my intention at all.

I was very grateful for the replies and apologise if I have caused any offence. I have not got around to investing in the plants as yet as it is quite an expensive exercise, but whatever I do will be based on your recommendations. Thank you again and apologies again.


23 Mar, 2012


Not offended at all - was just puzzled and curious, lol! You should know from this that, when you add something to a thread, anyone else who's commented on it gets a notification that something's been added.

24 Mar, 2012

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