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By Dreeny8

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

My Honeysuckle for the 2nd year has developed something nasty. Whilst growing nicely emerging flowers have gone black. Last year I removed all the offending pieces gave it a spray and it bounced back, but here it is again. Of course it is larger now and if it is carrying something in the root I feel I should cut it down to the base, treat it and let it come again. Could I do this now? I have trimmed it because it looked dreadful, but something more is needed. I have not sprayed because I do not think this will cure a long term rooted problem.

I do not know which variety it is but bears lovely Orange blooms and has a gorgeous smell.




Could be thrips or honeysuckle aphid, both of which are nothing to do with the roots - thrips particularly can recur year after year without treatment.

4 Jul, 2011


Does this mean it will happen every year? or is there something that will prevent them attacking the honeysusckle?


4 Jul, 2011


Try spraying with a pesticide that says it treats for thrips - if its honeysuckle aphid, it should cover that as well if it does thrips.

4 Jul, 2011


Many thanks to everybody who has responded to my question re: the "nasty" unwelcome visitor to my once beautiful Honeysuckle. I am pleased it will not be necessary to take it right down. Next year, I can see,
the secret will be to spray before it gets under-way and after.



6 Jul, 2011

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