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Can anyone identify this climbing plant from these pictures? The trunk is quite thick so it is well established. The flowers bloomed for a couple of weeks at the start of June. I'd be grateful for any suggestions as it would help with pruning and how to train it on the pergola.

Unknown_climber_flower Unknown_climber_trunk Img00161_20110611_1442



The only plant I can come up with, from the leaves really, is Actinidia chinensis - there are different varieties, but most of them need male and female plants to produce kiwi fruits, though there is at least one variety which is unisexual. Flowers vary from creamy white through to yellowish, depending on variety. You can thin out and cut out any unwanted growth in winter, unless someone else comes on and says it's definitely something else.

4 Jul, 2011


Many thanks for your advice. I will prune it in the winter as you suggest.

6 Jul, 2011

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