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Arum/calla lily appears to be dying :-(

hi, i have never grown these before and i have 3 of them, 2 are doing fine (except some of the flowers when they come up are not joined together as they should be they sort of have 2 separate coloured parts that are just open, is this normal? as since i have had them almost all of the flowers have done this) my real problem is that one of them i found was reduced in a garden centre as they did not look very good. it was only £2 so i bought it. trouble is all the leaves are turning yellow and the stems do not seem firm like the other 2. when i potted it up i had a look at the roots and compared them to one of my others and they looked fine. when i cut the badly yellowed leaves off the rest of the stem at the base then goes very mushy. clearly something is not right. is it a virus? i feel sad as its not nice when plants die is it! all 3 are in pots with the same compost. oh i would like to add, it did not look like this when i purchased it! just looked a bit under the weather. started yellowing very quickly though.



Once the rot starts, it can proceed pretty quickly. It sounds like you will need to do surgery, now. I would dig it up, cut the leaves off, cut away all of the mushy parts of the tuber, dust the wounds with sulfur dust, and let them dry for a day or two, before replanting. It may not bloom this year, but if it grows lots of leaves, and you keep the healed tuber through the winter, it should bloom next summer.

5 Jul, 2011

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