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my lemon tree has a few problems

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My indoor lemon tree has a few problems. The original leaves look healthy and dark green but any new growth is much larger, is lighter green with darker veins. The differing leaf sizes make the plant look very unbalanced and unlike any photos posted of other lemon trees.
Can anyone advise me how to reverse this, please. Maybe I should repot although its not a big plant, about 12" tall in a 9" pot.

Thanks Donnaj1dlh. so I don't need to worry! The lemon tree was a present from my daughter and I want to make sure it survives



My new leaves come through like that too, but they do get darker like the other, older ones.

4 Jul, 2011


Light green leaves with darker green veins are a sign of micronutrient deficiency, usually iron or manganese. I would use an ericaceous feed with these nutrients in it. Iwould also try to give it more sun--abnormally large leaves are a sign of not enough sun.

5 Jul, 2011

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