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i have been given a stephanotis for christmas which has unopened buds when is it likely to bloom and what are its care requirements?

london, United Kingdom Gb

the plant has many white flower buds




Stephanotis, are lovely plants, such wonderful scent, i had one a few years back that i rescued from the flower shop that i work, they can be difficult as they are a bit fussy, but once you hit on the right spot for them not too much trouble at all, so once i had nursed it back to health i gave it to my brother when he moved to his new house as a house warming pressy, needless to say he managed to kill it.

they like average warmth, not too keen on change of temp, central heating or drafts, they do like humidity, so mist the leave regually, they need a constant cool temp during the winter not below 45 F. The soil needs to be kept moist, but watered sparingly in the winter. bright spot but not in direct sun during the summer, will need to be repotted ever 2 years during spring, and they are quite fast growing so you will need to upgrade the support every year too. So as i said a bit fussy, but well worth the effort. If you have buds on now then it is going into flower now. if i was you i would pot up once flowering has finished, they do like a bit of room. Good luck, a truely lovely plant!

6 Jan, 2009

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