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i'm looking to grown my own flowers for my wedding do you have any advice?

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my wedding is july and i'm hoping for poppys, bluebells and daisys.



Hi Loopinloo, depends what you have in mind really, are you talking about your BQ? or just to decorate the hall/church ect? Poppies you could do in pots, for display, but would be no good for a BQ, they won't last the day! Bluebells i am affraid are a no go as not around during July, but if it is the colour you like you could try cornflower, easy to grow and look lovely in a handtied BQ. as for daisies well would'nt really recomend the garden types, as too small to work with the bigger Double varieties that you get would most likely 'blow' - (all pettles fall off) - i can recommend Gerbera, which is daisy-like flower that you can get in most colours, except blues, that is ideal for wedding BQ's, can be grown in the garden, but to be honest far cheaper to buy them as cut flowers, - lots easier too! hope this helps.

5 Jan, 2009

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