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I'm growing some veg for the first time, including both early and main crop potatoes. I live in the very far north of scotland, 50 miles north of Inverness, 60 miles south of John O Groats! Can I throw the potato greenery, on to the compost, if I cut the root off, and bin just that bit. The crop of potatos are large, and I am trying to grow organically! It's just I recall my late dad saying not to put the potato plants on the compost, otherwise you get potato plants all over the garden!




Hi Jonathan and welcome to Goy, we live 20 miles east of Inverness. If you make sure you remove the roots and any fruits, look like little green tomatoes, then so long as you do not have blight or any other infection then yes you can compost. We don't because even with 5 composts bins we have no room for the shaws - so they go to the green recycling.

2 Jul, 2011

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