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I think our beautiful green 8ft Cordy is dying. It is in a large pot, with good drainage and is well watered. For the first time in about 12 years, it looks very unwell. As usual, I have pulled off the old brown leaves, and looked forward to the crown developing. Unfortunately, even the new shoots of the crown are turning brown before this can happen properly. Weirdly, at the base of the trunk, foot long new shoots have grown and are looking as healthy as I would expect the crown to be. What can I do to salvage it? Do I cut off the trunk just above the new shoots, replant it in the ground or just leave it alone? Please help me, as I don't want to lose it.



You're not alone, this has happened to thousands of them after the severe winter - it has killed the growing tips at the top and probably damaged the main stem, which is why you have new growth near the bottom. Cut down the stem to the new growth, preferably at an angle to allow rain to run off if the stem is thick. The plant will continue to grow on from the base, where you have new shoots.

2 Jul, 2011

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