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Tradescantia - swap anyone?

I grow two types of tradescantia ( see photosbelow) and I would love to grow some more.

I was given mine so I'm sorry I don't know their names but if anyone knows them I'd be pleased to hear them.

They are both very hardy and came though last years hard winter with no problem at all

If you have Tradescantia Bilberry ,Bilberry ice, Satin Doll , Little doll,Charlotte, Innocence , Finlaystone ,Isis or Osprey I’d love one! but I’d be interested in any with white ,deep blue or pink flowers named or un-named

We could swap rooted divisions of plants

If you’d like to do a swap please contact me here or via private mail



These look good, why not try posting as a blog you may get a taker then.

14 Jul, 2011


I already did that DRC... no responses at all

14 Jul, 2011


Strange as I answered it in unanswered questions. I think though you will give it time.

14 Jul, 2011


I hope so.

I bought a very expensive white flowered Tradescantia on Ebay a couple of days ago. I'm still waiting for it to arrive.

(expensive in my being a nurseryman I think the retail prices some plants make are ridiculously large..

1000% markup is not that uncommon from wholesale to retail. 500% is virtually the minimum mark up!

The blue tradescantia above seems to grow really well from divisions with each division divideable again 4 -5 ways one year later... with each division having its own roots.

The roots fill a small 7cm pot quicker than virtually any other plant I know and they seem extremely hardy ,having come through last years very cold winter in small pots outdoors with no losses.

I bought one ,one litre pot of the blue version above 2-3 seasons ago and I should have 60 by the end of this season.

14 Jul, 2011


I have noticed how expensive plants are now but that cannot last as sales will fall if they continue to rise.- Lets hope so.

15 Jul, 2011

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