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We have planted runner beans in a pot (with cane wigwam) in a special compost for vegetables. They were bought from a nursery as plug plants and labelled "runner beans". They have barely grown an inch in about a month and the leaves are a golden yellowish green. Can anyone please advise why the leaves are yellowish (but healthy-looking) and what we can do to green them up? Also, is it possible that they could be a dwarf variety and this is why they aren't climbing?



Runner beans always climb, they also need a lot of water.

2 Jul, 2011


You may have bought something that wasn't as labelled, that happens, but I'm surprised the nursery didn't advise you that runner beans need a deep trench filled with lots of good composted material , then back filled and the beans planted in it. I'm not at all sure what the success rate will be with runners in pots, special veggie compost or no.

2 Jul, 2011


Thanks for all comments received. We have grown runner beans in large pots for the past 4 or 5 years and always had good yields. Indeed, we presently have another large pot containing runner beans (from a different source) that are climbing happily up the canes.
That's why we are unable to understand what's going on with the yellowish ones as they appear quite healthy otherwise.

2 Jul, 2011


Are you using a different compost with the stunted ones?

2 Jul, 2011


If its the same compost as all the other pots, I'd be returning the plants to where you bought them and asking for a refund - sounds like they're either not what they should be, or are dodgy ones.

2 Jul, 2011


I do not know about yours but I can confirm there are dwarf runner beans. I grew them once but I prefer the tall climbers because they yield much more. Yours may have suffered a check due to sudden exposure to cold weather or by remaining in very small pots neglected for a long time.

2 Jul, 2011


I don't know about runner beans, but if they are like pole snap beans, once they have been sitting in the plugs for a couple of weeks, they never seem to recover.

3 Jul, 2011

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