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Has anyone taken the RHS level 2 certificate in horticulture?

East Yorkshre, United Kingdom Gb

Recently, I started this course through distance learning and I wondered if anyone else had taken it. What did you think?



I started the course June/July time 08, I am on lesson 5 at the moment.

How far into it are you?

2 Jan, 2009


I've taken it a couple of years back Really enjoyed it and ended up getting a pass with commendation - although I fear I've forgotten some of the things I crammed into my brain at the time, especially those aspects of gardening I don't normally do!

2 Jan, 2009


I started in December 08 and I am module 1 at the moment. The first couple of lessons seem to cover alot of botany etc. Does it get more interesting?

3 Jan, 2009


It amazed me just how much I knew already but I didnt really think of the reasons. i.e. taking woody cuttings. I know when and how to take them I just never thought about the tissues of the plant etc.
Lesson 1 plant naming. I am still learning this, I am trying to remember half a dozen plants of each perennial, herbaceous, annual etc
Lesson 2 I found interesting, worth getting hold of an old A level biology book.
Lesson 3 Plant propagation. I could relate to this and i tried several different types of cuttings. My root cuttings on the oriental poppies were a complete success.
Lesson 4 crop production, interesting a lot on pests and diseases. I think the key here is remember a couple of problems for each crop. i.e. club root, caterpillars.
Lesson 5 garden planning. I am on this now and it is all about design formal/informal etc. a lot more interesting.

If you visit the RHS web site you can download and print old past papers from the last couple of years. This will give you an insight to the way they ask their questions.

Remember plants mentioned in your text should be answered Genus species Variety. I keep getting told off for this.

Good luck. If you want any advice or help let me know.

3 Jan, 2009


Thanks for your advice and help Treesandthings - I think I need to get back to the books after my xmas break then I will find it more interesting. Am looking forward to starting lesson 3 I have always liked plant propagation.

3 Jan, 2009


Could you tell me who your course provider is? I am toying between HCC and Learning Curve. Does anyone have any recommendations?

28 Jan, 2009


I am with HCC and they are very prompt with the marking etc. The course work is fine but obviously you need to read other books, magazines, articles etc to get more information.

I am enjoying it, it is really opening my eyes to more and more.

31 Jan, 2009

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