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How do I get rid of oxalis?

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I have looked at websites and the gloomy news seems to be 'with great difficulty'! It is not in the lawn yet and I don't much mind it under the trees in the orchard but I would like to get off the beds with shrubs and flowers.



Yes, i'm afraid the websites are right, very difficult.
Hand pick when the soil is dry, crush every piece before burning it.
Good luck with it.

2 Jan, 2009


I don't know which is worse - oxalis or hairy bitter-cress! I have had experience of them both and I'm afraid you have to look forward to an acheing back, Housemaids' Knee and uncleanable finger nails as you crawl about the affected area until you have completely eracicated the stuff. Then you will forever walk about with your eyes permanently downcast looking for a tell-tale leaf or little yellow flower you may have missed. I don't envy you! Good Luck!

3 Jan, 2009


You dont say which Oxalis. If it is the bulbous one that produces a multitude of little bulbs round the big one ., you need to dig each big bulb out with soil around it to ensure none of the babies survive. If it is the surface rooting one you are lucky, it could be worse.

6 Jan, 2009

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