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I picked up a large seed head whilst in a park in the south of France at the begining of October this year, after looking around I found a plaque with some latin name which I can't remember but it also said camelia,

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the seed head is about as large as a large fir cone and about the same shape,and very woody, the seeds are bright pillar box red, I have already managed to raise one seedling and hope for more, and would like to know which Camelia it is.
could anyone identify this camelia for me from the description.



I suspect that the plant that produced the seeds was a named variety in which case the seeds will not come true. So you may end up with a winner or a dud. Do you feel lucky?

1 Jan, 2009


maybe not a camelia. my one prduced seedheads that look like little apples.....

3 Jan, 2009


It could be a Magnolia.

6 Jan, 2009


Dear Poaannua, Thank you for your reply, it gives me another avenue to explore to establish the identity of this plant. I will keep you posted as my seedling developes.

6 Jan, 2009

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