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Brachycome.. My Swan River Daisys Need Your Help their dying! lol

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi there..
I was just wondering.. i have some Linaria Fairy Bouquet and they were doing brilliant.. but the past week they are starting to look brown and this has happened to my swan river daisy too.. why is this happening as all my other flowers are doing great.. Hope there is someone that could give me some advice :-)

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Both of the plants you mention are annuals - you don't say whether they're in pots or in the ground, but if the leaves are going brown and crispy, not enough water might be the problem.

4 Jul, 2011


They are both in medium pots (only starting growing them 3 mths ago) but were thriving/flowering till 2 weeks ago.. now they just seem to be dying... i water them every evening but nothing i seem to be doing is helping them :(
the leaves arent crispy just yellowy brown.. im gutted..

4 Jul, 2011


Are they soggy as well as yellowy brown? Is there good drainage in the pots, and you're not standing them in trays to catch the water?

4 Jul, 2011


Thats whats odd.. Good drainage (holes in bottom of the pot) The leaves aren't soggy at all.. some of the stems are still green and there are about 7 flowers left (all others have died) the are on my table outside at atm so not standing in any water.. I was going to plant in the ground to see if that helps.. It seems odd as my fairy bouquet are just brown in the middle but green on the outside (if you know what i mean).. I would put up a pic put cant upload any pics atm..
Im stumped at whats happening to them..

I did catch my 4 year old daughter watering them with some liquifeed as id left it on the table (silly me, she has my passion ).. do you think that may have killed them?

4 Jul, 2011


I can't imagine so, unless she used too much, it's certainly true that most annuals don't require much feeding at all and often do better in poorer soils. Both these plants like very well drained soils and full sun, and Linaria particularly likes gritty soils; both also do well in the ground.

4 Jul, 2011


Hmmmmm.. i dont know what to do now then lol.. Whether to just find some soil and plant them in the ground or just keep them as they are and just see if they improve by just watering them every eve....

Thanks for your advice i do appreciate it :-D

4 Jul, 2011

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