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I have a 20 year old shrub Viburnum Carlcephalum which I tracked down after smelling its wonderful perfume at Bodnant gardens. I was able to buy the shrub that day from their nursery shop and have loved it for its flowers and scent in May. Unfortunately, even before it has finished flowering the leaves always look very sick and the undersides are covered in a white powdery substance rather like mildew. Then the leaves discolour and dry up leaving the plant looking a miserable sight. I have sprayed for pests and diseases but this year it has not responded. The flowers are always perfect and the leaves usually recover when I cut off the ends of the branches but not this year.



I find this happens with some Viburnhams as they may become diseased with powdery mildew, and or Aphids. I spray mine and feed well as they can become stressed in poor soil or conditions. Why not go to the grower and ask Bodnant specifically about this plant -what they do for it?

1 Jul, 2011


Try spraying the leaves early in the year, but after the growing season is underway, so probably April, with something containing pyrethrum, permethrin or bifenthrin, paying special attention to the undersides of the leaves. Sounds like its getting infested by aphids or similar, so by the time the flowers are out, its suffering. Spray regularly, according to the instructions on the bottle, use a systemic product.

1 Jul, 2011

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