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What is the most successful/best way to get rid of bamboo? We have just moved house and there is a big clump in the garden that has spread along the flower bed. I think it must be quite a slow spreader but it has spread all the same and I would like to get it rid of it. Hopefully I'll be able to save a small bit to plant in a huge tub because the plant itself is quite attractive.



the best [but hardest effort wise] way is to dig it up. start at the edges and work inwards. when you find very tough bits a saw can be useful to cut through the underground rhizomes [stems/roots under the soil].

a glyphosphate based weedkiller would also work but probably kill the lot. It would also need more than one application.

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30 Jun, 2011


I agree with Seaburngirl--it's a real toughie, and the roots are VERY hard to dig out or even to break off! Digging, preferably with a mechanical digger (!!!!) is what you need! Hope there isn't TOO much of it. Good luck, anyway. I think you'll be getting lots of digging practice in the next few weeks!! Glyphosate would be good, but only if you could avoid all the other plants in the flower bed, as it might kill those as well. Some pain killer for your back might be a good idea!! Annie (Cumbria)

30 Jun, 2011

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