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What is the best fertilizer regime for baskets and bedding? This is my garden as it is today. Begonia, lobelia and busy lizzies form the main part. My understanding is that a once weeekly balanced liquid feed is the most advisable frequency. I know that a little tomato feed now and then can also be beneficial. How often ought this to be ideally? And is the correct frequency of applying liquid feed and tomato feed still the same if the compost contains slow release fertilizer granules? I am asking this question on behalf of other people as well as myself, as I suspect that many may be interested. It has to be looking good as the Bracknell In Bloom judges are coming next Monday.




For baskets and containers I work up to new John innes compost no 3 for the final planting. and feed every 7-10 days with miracle gro.
I have tried tomato feed but have not found it as good for annual flowers as it seems to weaken them in some way.
I dont use the long term fertilizer plugs or the water retentive gel I found these not to be worth the cost, But if leaving the baskets unattended then they would be a good idea.
Bedding plants I tend to use blood fish and bone and new home made compost in the spring and then feed as above.
Yours look so good you have obviously got it just right. So what do you do?

30 Jun, 2011


I have planted entirely in 'hanging basket compost' (contains gel and Miracle-grow granules). One thing's for sure, everything's been growing fast. It's twice as big as last week! I have so far been using once weekly liquid feed Miracle -grow. But am unsure how to go about using the tomato feed. You think not to - does it push flowering too hard?

30 Jun, 2011


I found it seemed to make my basket annuals leggy so I went back to miracle gro. But if you read the nutrients contents on both bottles it almost the same so should have the same results?

30 Jun, 2011

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