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how do i take my pond out? i have read that you have to siphon the water out but its not a clean pond and dont want to suck the water down a hose pipe! My husbands father says to just pierce the liner - but im worried itll flood the garden! many thanks!



Use a bucket to remove most of the water rather than syphoning and tip straight down the drain or keep and use on veggies. When you've removed as much water as you can then puncture the liner in several places and let the rest of the water drain that way. The plants around your pond shouldn't be bothered by the extra water.

30 Jun, 2011


When my husband accidentally puncture our new pond the water disappeared underneath into the ground and we were not aware of it.
If you pierce the liner just below the water and let that bit go, then again puncture just below the new water line and repeat till its gone. There will be life in it if you empty it slowly it gives them time to leave.

30 Jun, 2011

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