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By Funguy

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have an echium pinniana that is about 2-3 foot in height and about 2-3 ft across so i think in its second year, growing in a pot 20litre.

It keeps wilting, i thought it might be under-watered as i let it dry out though not severly, so gave it a good water and it perked up for the day but then yesterday the day after the water and it picking up, it has completely lost turgidity again and has remained like this for over 2 days now and still it looks a sad state.

I thought it might not have moved from its rootball after i repotted it, after buying it from the garden centre 1 month ago. But i checked the drainage holes and the roots have grown down to the holes so it is rooting the pot out.

I am at a lose and wondered if anyone has any experience of these plants? And can offer any care advise or ideas as to what is the problem.




I grew several of these from seed, Funguy (like the name!) and when they'd got to about the size of yours I put them in the garden, where they grew to an enormous size! I think yours is perhaps root-bound, and would be happier in the ground. Make sure it's in a reasonably sheltered place, out of strong winds, and it should be OK, and give it PLENTY of room at the very back of a border, or where it won't dwarf other plants, because mine were thugs!! They never did flower though, and I lost them over winter, so you'd have to cover them with fleece in the winter, or wrap newspaper round them. We live in Cumbria, so you may be more fortunate down there. Good luck with it, anyway.

29 Jun, 2011

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