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Can anyone help me with a name for this one please. I think it is a laminum, but would like to know which so I can plant it in an appropriate place next year.
Thanks in advance.

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I was going to say "White Nancy" til I saw the deep pinky-purple flower! Maybe Lamium maculatum 'Purple Dragon'?

29 Jun, 2011


All the lamiums are happy in shade or semi shade but they are a tolerant bunch so put it where you think it would look nice and see how it goes.

29 Jun, 2011


It is a very pretty one and sorry dont know its name but they are very undemanding plants. pale leafed forms will need more light.

29 Jun, 2011


beacon silver :)

29 Jun, 2011


It will spread a lot once it gets established so give it plenty of room, Scottish. I planted mine in between some roses and small azalias, and it rampaged through the lot of them, pushing stems up to about 2 ft. high! I've had to pull a lot of it out to stop it swamping the other plants, but it's in good soil. I should think it would stay quite manageable in poor soil. Annie (Cumbria)

30 Jun, 2011


Thanks for all you help guys. It will certainly be staying where it is for now then, as I have a large area to fill out. I rather like the look of it and since it was a gift - it didn't cost me a thing.

1 Jul, 2011

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