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Grass cutting in December - any reason why not?

essex, England Eng

Now this may sound like a daft question, but my grass missed a late cut this year, which I usually do, to keep it neat through winter, so it's dormant but a bit clumpy and untidy looking, I have a free afternoon, the sun is shining so i was thinking that i might give it a bit of a trim. But not sure if cutting this time of year would be damaging. We have had several heavy frosts at the begining of December, but only a light dusting here and there for the last couple of weeks, the wind is cold, but weather is quite mild other than that, the ground is soft and plyable, have'nt had any rain for at least a couple of weeks, so no water logging or wet grass, all in all acept for the time of year, the conditions seem to be perfect, what are your thoughts on this?



Hi Angie,
Nip out while the sun is shining, set the cut high and have a clean up and shade your lawn.
Don't cut short or the grass will blanch with the cold wind and frost.
Dr. B.

29 Dec, 2008


Last year i cut my grass in the middle of december, and it was fine this year, ho i did it on a high cut.

29 Dec, 2008


We often have had to cut the lawn at this time of year, no ill effects to the grass. High setting helps. If you have a grass collection box on the mower then you could leave it off, for the cuttings to protect the lawn.

29 Dec, 2008


thank you all, i have a hover mower, so it cuts high anyway, it also has a vacume and a collection box, which is ideal for collecting thoughs last few autumn leaves that have weaved there way into the long clumpy bits of grass. so i should be fine. only thing is went out to get my mowing stuff out the shed, opened up the greenhouse to let some air in and ended up titervating in the greenhouse for a couple of hours - so i have left it a bit late in the day now, never mind, i have a couple of other afternoons this week that are free so if the sun is out and still no rain, i shall go give the lawn a hair cut. once again thank you.

29 Dec, 2008


Hi Angie....I thought the self same thing yesterday as it was bright but cold. I took the hover mower over the lawn and hoovered up stray leaves at the same looks so much better now. Hubby spent the afternoon bubble wrapping in the greenhouse, so alls tidy before those snows from America arrive! ;o(

29 Dec, 2008


thanks Janey, i did'nt get round to it in the end, i had a sort out in the greenhouse instead, we have heavy frost here this morining, so may have to wait a few more days for a hair cut lol

30 Dec, 2008

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