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A bit of a greenhouse disaster. I noticed yesterday that my chili plant had lost a couple of leaves and some of the developing chilies appeared to be turning yellow and
rotting. This morning, I merely touched the plant and had an enormous leaf fall. Can anyone please explain what might have happened. Last week it looked really healthy complete with two lovely looking chillies! There is no sign of bugs. Could it perhaps be overwatering?

From the photos you will also notice a couple of poorly looking peppers! Could this be sun scald? I noticed it on one of the peppers yesterday, but it's now apparant on all three. Should I cut them off the plant now and wait and see what happens to the rest of them - if I get any!!
Many thanks for any advice you good folk can give me.

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I suspect over watering is the cause. I let mine get almost dry between waterings.

is the brown area on the others firm or slimey, it looks like wet rot. I'd remove the affected ones and again reduce some of the watering.

29 Jun, 2011


The brown areas are fairly firm; they're definitely not slimey.

29 Jun, 2011

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