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Does anyone know the name of a herb with long stems and a small button flower on the end - I saw it as a hedging plant. Did not get to smell it. It waves in the wind. I am afraid I don't have a photo. No not chives thank you. The plants are taller and have a small yellow flower on the end. Thank you Inverglen. Yes Santonila was the plant I saw. Very pretty waving in the wind.



Chives. Try google images of chives and see if they match the ones you saw.

29 Jun, 2011


It could be Tansy

29 Jun, 2011


Thank you Inverglen -It may well be Tansy but the plant I saw did not seem to have leaves - it did have the same button heads. I will have to go back to the play park by
Bournemouth and look again in the herb garden!

29 Jun, 2011


It might be an allium, Complete beginner. There is one that looks just like chives, but with a yellow head, and it would be taller than chives. It could be Allium Flavum, or Allium Moly. Have a look on the net for different ones. Are you sure it's a herb and not just a normal garden plant? Let us know when you have another look at it. Annie

29 Jun, 2011


Santonila is another possibility.

3 Jul, 2011

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