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We have this growth on a rose bush in our school garden, could anyone please tell us what this is and where it might have come from?

Sam_0123 Sam_0124



Hi there, that looks amazing

One for the class nature table I recon.

I suspect one of the expert brainiacs will be able to tell you what caused it, I'm guessing it's some kind of gall.

Happy gardening.

28 Jun, 2011


it looks like Rose bedeguar gall.. for some more info look on here..

28 Jun, 2011


Thank you very much for your quick response, have looked at the link you sent and it definitely is what we have here!

28 Jun, 2011


as a kid we called them Robin's pincushion.

28 Jun, 2011


your welcome glad to help..

28 Jun, 2011

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