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Can anyone identify this plant please?

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Gb

Another one to identify from the Botanical Gardens. This was growing in the Australian collection and it looked like the snow had fallen just on that one plant.
the leaves are very small and pine like and the flowers grow in a very tiny white cluster. I assume it is an evergreen as it is in full leaf now




My Goodness, Andrea, it looks just like Rosemary. I hope someone can answer this question, it looks lovely.

26 Dec, 2008


I agree looks similar...not sure about the flowers though..but in Spain there were white flowered Rosemarys. You didn't notice a strong herby scent Andrea?

26 Dec, 2008


This isn't a rosemary but I agree that the leaves look similar, and I couldn't smell rosemary when I was close to it. I wrote a blog this evening which shows the shrub in its mass rather than just the flowers

26 Dec, 2008


I believe this is a Leptospermum,, but not sure of the species

27 Dec, 2008


Thank you Poaannua, I knew I thought it was something beginning with 'L' and I think i have identified it as LEPTOSPERMUM FLAVESCENS CARDWELL

27 Dec, 2008


Andrea - if you can't buy it locally, check out Trevena Cross Nursery in Cornwall as they sell several different leptospermums (and do mail order). Very good quality plants too. I'm trying leptospermum scoparium 'Martinii' which is supposed to be one of the hardiest

29 Dec, 2008


Thanks Andrew, I'll have a look at the Trevena Cross site, but I'm sure the Botanical Gardens Plant centre sell them as well, I'll wait till they open again in the Spring. Spritz says they aren't too hardy, how are yours fairing??

29 Dec, 2008


Don't you just love it when a mystery is solved? Hope you get this, Andrea!

30 Dec, 2008

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