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Hi Guys, could you please recommend a good time of sod for North Alabama. We are looking for sod that doesn't require a lot of water if there is one like it. It is for the full son. Thanks a lot!!!



The two most drought tolerant types of sod that I am aware of are buffalograss and bermudagrass.
The buffalograss is fully frost hardy, but only a few varieties are available as sod, and sod establishment is somewhat unreliable, since the grass relies on roots more than a foot deep for survival. I would also ask the Cooperative Extension which varieties would be best for Alabama, since, some years or seasons, you will get more rainfall and humidity than the varieties adapted to the Great Basin region, or the eastern Rockies, will enjoy.
The more common bermudagrass sod varieties may not be hardy enough for your Zone 7 climate. If you are able to find the right kinds--such as Yukon, NuMex Sahara, Blackjack, etc.--the sod is much easier to establish, since the thicker stolons and rhizomes in the sod help keep the grass alive while it grows roots. Most of the more frost hardy varieties of bermudagrass are only available as seed, though.
Other fairly drought tolerant species are usually sold as seed only, because they don't knit together well as sod. These include turf-type tall fescues, crested wheatgrass, western wheatgrass, or blue grama.
Other ways of increasing drought tolerance of more conventional sod grasses is to condition the soil thoroughly before planting, make sure that the lawn is absolutely level, or has the absolute minimum of drainage slope. That allows you to water more deeply, when establishing the grass, and when needed later, which results in deeper root growth.

28 Jun, 2011


Thank You very much for your help!!!

30 Jun, 2011


You're welcome, Annyshka!

30 Jun, 2011

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