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Kilmarnock Willow
I have a weeping Kilmarnock Willow and was wondering what effect it would have on the tree if I was to prune it too look more like a standard. I appreciate that the branches would no longer have the effect of weeping. If this would be practical, when would be the best time to do this?
Thanks for all your help....again!!



Scottish the whole point of a Kilmarnock willow is that it weeps... I guess you could prune the branches back to a foot or so but it would look pretty awful! Why do you want to do this?

27 Jun, 2011


This is what it will look like, not pretty!

27 Jun, 2011


Thanks both of you for the enlightenment. I had a vision in my head (don't laugh) and that picture was not it.
You'll both be pleased to know that I will leave it as it is.
Angie x

27 Jun, 2011


Well at least you asked before you went and did it...

28 Jun, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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